How to select the high quality laser machine?
Release time:Aug 14, 2018

How to select the high quality laser machine?

With the development of foreign trading, more and more overseas buyer purchase machine from China by Alibaba, made in China, Aliexpress, ebay, Amazon platform or from official internet directly.By these platforms, overseas purchasers can find the good price with high quality. But how to choose the best quality machine from many supplier is very difficult for the buyer. Here we will introduce how to select the high quality fiber laser machine from China.


The followings are the normal two questions when clients go through these platform for laser machine.


Question1: Why are the prices of the same machines so different on Alibaba?


Under the same machine, how can they be so much different? I believe this will be the first confusion for most of new buyers for laser marker. These is no price range restriction for sellers on the B2B platform, so sellers can write any price. Some supplier even write 0 USD to attract the buyers’ attention. Secondly, as we all know, it it impossible for low price and high quality in China. If some supplier’s price much lower than others, then the quality will be lowered accordingly. What’s more, some trading company only sell the machine without the ability of providing the after-sale service.


Question2: Why the trading company’s price is lower than direct manufacturer?


The reason is that there are different configuration level. As the direct manufacturer, we will offer the the highest configuration level with good clients’ feedback. While for some trading company, in order to attract clients with low price, their configuration must be so low that they can get some profits. And please kindly noted, Even if an accessory of the same brand is used, the price will vary depending on its grade. Like water chiller, our laser machine installed S&A CW5000 for 100w laser machine, but some supplier only installed S&A CW3000. Both are S&A water chiller, but their function is very different. Therefore, when buying a machine, pay attention to the manufacturer model of the machine parts.


Question3: how can I find the high quality manufacturer?


The best way is to go to the supplier's factory for a site visit. See for yourself the quality of the machine and the relationship between the salesperson and the factory.


Hoping the above information can be helpful for you.

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