Morn customer visit Morn factory
Release time:Jul 26, 2018

Last Friday, one of our Morn customer visited our Morn factory for kinds of laser machines checking. This customer is come from Pakistan. Plan to buy a fiber laser cutting machine for metal materials cutting. 

Fiber laser cutting technology is a metal cutting technology, which has been developing rapidly in the last three years. Now it already replaced the previous plasma cutting machine and YAG cutting machine. It already occupied the main market of metal cutting, and very popular in the whole world.


Fiber laser cutting machines rapidly development and popular in the world. Mainly because of its high cutting accuracy (regular cutting accuracy is up to 0.025mm/m), fast cutting speed (maximum working speed is up to 120m/min), long lifetime (up to 100,000 hours), light and smooth edge cutting performance, easy operation and maintenance, etc.


The customer that visit our Morn factory is professional in fiber laser cutting machine. He is well knew all of the fiber laser cutting machine parts. And checked the parts with us one by one. From the parts brand, quality, characters, advantages to its working performance, etc.


Luckily, during the customers visiting. There are some of our fiber laser cutting machine engineers are installed with several fiber laser cutting machines. And the installation are in different step. So the customer saw whole process, from the original machine frame structure, guide rail and rack, reducer, original gantry material and structure, driver and motors, electrical parts, water chiller, laser head, ets. During the checking, the customer always hammer the machine with his hands. To test the thickness and solidity of the machine. After testing, he always said the quality is very good.  


Besides the fiber laser cutting machine, the customer also checked our other machines. Such as fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, CNC router machine and lift equipment.


During the whole visiting and checking, the customer kept praising the good quality of our Morn laser machines and parts. He is very satisfied with our machines and parts. Said we are very nice and professional.


MORN LASER teams always stand behind all customers and products. We will give quick responses within 24 hours on receiving your consultations and questions.