Why is MORN fiber laser cutting machine being more and more popular?
Release time:Jul 17, 2018

As you know, China has lots of supplier for fiber laser cutting machine. However, more and more buyer choose MORN without hesitation. Here we will show why is MORN fiber laser cutting machine being more and more popular.


Firstly, MORN’s machine bed different from other supplier. 30 days bed treatment (welding, high-temperature annealing stress removal, precision inspection, etc.) to prevent weld cracking and bed stress deformation. The use of tube sheets to strengthen the welded bed is more accurate and stable than pure plate welding and tube welding. The bed can be kept for 20 years without deformation. The bed has a weight of 2100 kg and is not easily deformed during the cutting process to ensure stability and ensure the cutting precision of the customer.

Secondly, aluminum beams for faster operation and higher productivity. Raytools laser head from Switzerland have long service life and good cutting effect. Raytools laser head works with nlight laser source to achieve uninterrupted processing of high-reflective materials

Furthermore, servo double driver system, its precision is double that of single driver, reaching 0.02mm. With Japanese Fuji motors, it can provide greater acceleration under the same load for small graphics cutting. With automatic adjustment mode, more convenient adjustment of cutting effect. Japanese Shimpo reducer and Fuji driver, a full set of Japanese transmissions guarantees smooth operation and accuracy

Finally, America Honeywell and France Schneider electrical device to assure low failure rate and customer safety.

We can also customize the machine according to the customer demand. Mini fiber laser cutting machine, big size fiber laser cutting machine, full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine for tube and sheet. Customers have multiple choices.


If you are interested in our fiber laser cutting machine, please kindly contact us without hesitation.

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