Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter
Release time: Dec 7, 2017
Source: MORN
  • MORN R Series fiber laser machine is professional in cutting metal tubes. Simple type for round tube cutting. Quality type for round tube, elliptical tube and rectangle pipe cutting.

    If you just need to cut round tube, and no need very high cutting accuracy. The low cost simple tupe cutting device is enough. While, if you both plan to cut round tube, elliptical tube and rectangle pipes. Then have to use the higher configuration pipe cutting device.

    Normally you just need to tell us the pipe type, material type, maximum diameter and length, minimum diameter. Then we will offer you the suitable machine solution. As besides the standard metal tube fiber laser cutter, we also customized the machine based on users’ demand.    

    Metal tube fiber laser is professional in cutting varies metal pipes. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, iron, galvanized steel, titanium steel, silicon steel, brass, aluminum, titanium alloy, brass, copper, silver, gold, etc.

    Because of the machine widely application and high quality cutting performance. It is widely used in many kinds industries and daily life. Such as the machine manufacture industry, elevator industry, auto parts making, electrical parts making, locomotive manufacturing, agriculture and forestry  machinery making, special vehicles, household appliances, tools, IT industry, kitchen supplies, decorations, craft, jewelry, etc.

  • Cutting diameter for pipes                

    100mm, 150mm, 200mm, etc                

    Cutting length for pipes                

    3000mm, 6000mm, etc                

    Fiber laser power                



    100,000 hours                

    Laser power brand                

    Raycus, IPG, nLIGHT optional                

    Drive system                

    Servo drivers and motors                


    Japan reducer                

    Power supply                

    380V±10% 3Phase or 208V±10% 3Phase                

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